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Harmony & Healing benefit concert at Bankhead Theater this weekend

Features performances by classic rock legends and Supergroup SF
Members of Supergroup SF perform live on stage as part of the first annual Harmony & Healing benefit concert.

Before founding the nonprofit organization Harmony & Healing, David Victor knew that live musical performances had the power to inspire and uplift those of us who needed it most. Upon a life changing hospital visit, he formed a nonprofit in 2019 that provides people struggling with health issues live and intimate music -- a mission he has continued ever since.

This weekend the Bankhead Theater in Livermore is set to host Harmony & Healing's second annual benefit concert. Past and present members of Boston, Santana, Third Eye Blind, Big Brother & The Holding Company and more will be onstage together, forming what Victor has dubbed Supergroup SF. Performing many hits from Bay Area musicians, the concert takes place Saturday (Nov. 5) at 6 p.m.

Formerly a guitarist and vocalist in the rock band Boston, Victor created Harmony & Healing to provide live musical performances to individuals who may be staying at a hospital, rehab or veterans' home. Since COVID-19, the program has primarily operated through Zoom, offering virtual performances from the musicians.

Victor described the interaction that inspired the founding of his nonprofit organization and jump started the services they would soon provide.

"I was touring with the band Boston and got a chance to do a hospital visit to play live music for kids at the Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach," Victor recalled. "It was a beautiful and magical experience seeing all these kids getting into having someone perform live music in front of them. It starts to take their minds off their health challenges."

"When I left there that day, I just thought: This is what music is for, helping people feel better in the most dire situations," Victor added.

The upcoming benefit concert is set to feature various well-known classic rock musicians performing songs of the late 20th century. Victor explained how he drew these musicians together, and why the Bay Area was a significant region for him to represent.

"I pulled them all together and I wanted to perform music that related to where we all came from, essentially and the Bay Area," he said. "It is such an influential music area, there's so many great musicians here. It's been a real privilege."

Victor explained his favorite music to perform is anything by Journey, although his favorite song to perform is "Peace of Mind" by his own former band, Boston.

"All the people that love Boston and '70s and '80s music should come to the show. Also, there's going to be something for everyone, so even if you don't listen to that music you might find yourself enjoying it."

While the second annual concert is still underway, Victor is already planning the group's 2023 concert. He encouraged fans to stay updated on future announcements that may come from Harmony & Healing.

"We will be doing another benefit next year so we'll be announcing some surprising bands for that," he said. "I'm always excited to play and I'm so excited to be sharing the stage with all these amazing musicians. When you have a band that really kicks butt, it's fun to get up there."

Currently, Saturday's show is not sold out, however ticket availability is running low. To find out more information about Harmony & Healing, visit