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Reader Opinion: Yes on Measure P

Reader weighs in on the South Livermore Sewer Extension project headed to the ballot as Measure P.
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This November, Livermore voters will have an opportunity to approve an extension of the sewer system into south Livermore.

Measure P will help protect our local groundwater basin from pollution by allowing existing and future property owners in the area to connect to the sewer system.

A healthy groundwater basin benefits all Livermore residents particularly as water supplies become scarcer and less reliable with climate change. Under Measure P, the cost of constructing the extension will be carried by the people that will hook up to the new extension, not by people in other parts of the City.

Measure P also helps to ensure that agriculture in the south Livermore valley remains economically viable.

The vineyards and other agriculture use that exist in the south Livermore valley provide important open space benefits and help to preserve the unique character and history of the valley.

Land use protections put in place many years ago by the South Livermore Valley Area Plan and Measure D will remain unchanged under Measure P.

This fall, I encourage all Livermore residents to join me in supporting Measure P.

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