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Reader Opinion: Yes on G & pro G candidates for school board

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I urge Livermore residents to vote Yes on Measure G and school board candidates who expressly support Measure G.

Most Livermore schools were built more than 60 years ago and need urgent repairs and upgrades. Measure G will ensure our students have safe and modern classrooms to prepare them for college and careers.

If you haven’t been on school campuses recently, you may not be aware of how much renovation is needed. Additionally, every dollar is accounted for through an oversight committee.   

Why do we need local funding streams rather than the state providing for facility renovations and buildings?

Unfortunately, the state only provides educational funding per pupil, which pays for teachers and "keeping the lights on" and little to no facility funding.

Since rule changes in the 1970s, the only way to fund school facilities is through community bonds. The State currently offers some matching grants, but those grants are only available if we pass a bond.

It’s complex and simply the system we are a part of. If you think California should fund more for facilities, then I suggest you work on the state level with our local representatives. In the meantime, Measure G provides dependable funding for our schools’ needs.

You’ll notice all arguments against Measure G, while filled with complaints and distorted truths, do not offer any solutions to the facility problems in Livermore Schools. Measure G is the solution. Great schools and facilities communicate to students and teachers how much we as a city value education.

Measure G is not only an investment in our students and future generations, but also an investment in your property values. Cities with great schools make for a desirable place to live. 

Please also vote for school board candidates who expressly support Measure G. Steve Drouin, Craig Bueno and Emily Prusso are the strongest candidates with a clear understanding of the need for Measure G, and how schools and boards function.

Drouin, Bueno & Prusso communicate the value of education and the necessity of local funding.  Any candidate who is not supporting Measure G reveals their ignorance over how funding works in California.

I appreciate Livermore residents, past and current, who voted to build our current facilities and schools. It’s our turn to support current and future students to receive the best education in updated facilities. Vote Yes on G and Drouin, Bueno & Prusso. 

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