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Reader Opinion: Signature gatherers lie

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Don’t believe a word from people asking for your signature. They’re not paid to tell you the truth. They’re paid to get you to sign, by any means necessary.

Now, if you have the time to read and research the issue, then feel free to come back to sign. Thanks to a recently passed AB 421, veto referendums have to have clearer language and list the top three funders of the petition drive to repeal the law. Unfortunately, the same is not true for all petition schemes, including recalls.

I’m frustrated because this is another example of the corruption of our democracy. Gathering signatures is supposed to represent grassroots support and put a check on the powers at be.

Instead, it’s being co-opted by those powers, which are paying to re-roll votes and legislation that don’t go their way. It’s not about public sentiment, or right and wrong, only money. Though I am disgusted by how Governor Newsom has let PG&E get away with murder, the recall campaign against him didn’t do any good and cost CA taxpayers $200 million. It also wasted my time.

If you too feel angry, no need to vent at the petition gatherers themselves. They’re trapped in late-stage capitalism like all of us. Instead, I will be calling my California legislators. It’s past time they improved the recall system, to make it less exploitable. You can also contact your Alameda Supervisors and urge them to modernize our county’s recall procedures.

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