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Reader Opinion: Livermore Airport should ban leaded gas sales

Livermore airport terminal building.

Attend the next Livermore City Council meeting on 6/26. Demand Livermore tests children near Livermore Airport for lead poisoning. 

After children living near San Jose’s Reid-Hillview Airport experienced blood lead levels similar to Flint, Michigan children during its water crisis, the airport stopped sale of 100LL leaded aviation gas, effective 1/1/2022.

This was found after the county commissioned a study of children living near the airport. Risk of elevated blood lead levels depended on prevailing wind direction & residential distance from the airport.

Children residing under ½ mile from the airport had blood lead levels higher than levels found in children during Flint, Michigan water crisis. Children ½ to 1 ½ miles away had modest increases.

According to the CDC, "No safe blood lead level in children is identified. Even low levels affect IQ, ability to pay attention & academic achievement."

Livermore Airport take-offs/landings are roughly equivalent to Reid-Hillview. There were 309,300 gallons of 100LL fuel sold at Livermore Airport in 12 months ending 1/31/23.

The proposed airport policy doesn’t suggest stopping leaded gas sale. The policy will be considered by City Council at 7 p.m. on Mon., June 26th. Changes allow increasing airport development, without reducing airport noise, without public input. If development increases landings/take-offs, that’ll increase nearby children’s leaded gas exposure.

Do: Attend the City Council meeting -- 7p.m. on 6/26 -- either live or Zoom (link will be included in agenda on city website). There is a three-minute comment limit & you must complete a Speaker’s Card. Email comments to council ( If unable to attend, send comments to

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