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Reader Opinion: CPUC selling you out again

Solar panels
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It’s a bad sign when the CPUC is moving to block churches from building solar on their own roofs, during an energy crisis.

The California Public Utilities Commission consists of Governor Newsom’s appointees. They are supposed to supervise companies like PG&E but instead have consistently done all they can to enrich corporations, at the cost of sanity and safety.

No big surprise as Gavin Newsom has received hundreds of thousands in PAC money from PG&E and has let the company get away with murder.

The CPUC is threatening to stop churches, apartment buildings, schools, and farms from directly using any power produced by their own rooftop solar. This should reduce energy bills by an equivalent amount. But that hurts PG&E’s profits.

Instead the corporation will own your energy as soon as it’s produced and get a cut. It’s hard to explain it’s so ridiculous. But the result will be another squeeze on the economic feasibility of privately owned solar energy and the small businesses trying to install it. Again, this is happening amidst a climate crisis, where distributed green energy is the best solution for everyone. Everyone, that is, except corporations and the politicians they own.

Call Gavin Newsom and tell him to stop endangering California with his corrupt CPUC. We should be encouraging all kinds of solar, including rooftop solar. The Governor's office: 1-916-445-2841

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