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EBAL postseason rundown

Where do the teams, sports and players stand now?
Nate Clinton of Amador Valley hopes to lead the Dons to the NCS Volleyball title this week.

With baseball and softball heading into the East Bay Athletic League playoffs, we are now fully into the spring postseason.

North Coast Section boys volleyball will crown a champion this week and it is a lock that it will be an EBAL team as the four semifinalists are all from the league.

Foothill is the top seed and disposed of James Logan in their first match and will now play host to Granada in one semifinal. The No. 5 Mats beat Clayton Valley and Castro Valley to advance to one semi.

On the other half of the bracket sits No. 2 Dublin who will play host to No. 3 Amador Valley, also on Tuesday night. Amador powered through Deer Valley in one semifinal, with Dublin thumping American.

In the D-II tournament, De La Salle, the No. 4 seed, advanced to one semifinal where they will travel to play No. 1 Campolindo. The Spartans beat Benicia and Arroyo to advance to the semifinals.

The EBAL baseball playoffs, which take the top three teams in each division, take place this week.

De La Salle and Amador Valley get first-round byes by virtue of finishing on the top of the Mountain and Valley divisions. Foothill will travel to San Ramon Valley in one game Tuesday, with California making the trip to Granada in the other.

On the softball side, there are only the top two teams in each division. Amador Valley will be at California, with Granada hosting San Ramon Valley.

NCS baseball and softball each begin next week.


The following are the EBAL swimmers and divers that have qualified for the CIF State Championships this weekend at the Clovis Aquatic Complex.


Diving: Madalyn Daswani (Cal).

200 medley relay: Monte Vista, San Ramon Valley, Foothill, Amador Valley, California.

200 free: Kaitlin Lee (Dub), Rylee Hutchinson (AV), Elisabeth Butler (Caron).

200IM: Stephanie Iannaccone (Caron), Brooke Bennett (Gra). Ashlyn Widmer (SRV), Siena Santos (Caron).

50 free: Gretta Callison (MV), Addy VonderAhe (MV), Genesee Quon (MV), Alexis Parkinson (SRV), Natalie Aiken (Caron), Airi Seib (Caron), Miranda Stevenson (SRV).

100 fly: Chalotte Sevin (Cal), Elisabeth Butler (Caron), Emily Scheberies (MV), Pooja Hemige (MV), Kayla Gregory (SRV),

Layla Busquets (MV), Siena Santos (Caron), Natalie Aiken (Caron).

100 free: Addy VonderAhe (MV), Genese Quon (MV), Claudia Dumais (Caron).

500 free: Rylee Hutchinson (AV), Kaitlin Lee (Dub), Brooke Bennett (Gra), Madison OConnell (Caron).

200 free relay: Monte Vista, Carondelet, San Ranon Valley, Amador Valley, Dublin.

100 back: Madison OConnell (Caron), Charlotte Sevin (Cal), Emily Scheberies (MV), Miranda Stevenson (SRV), Madelynn Gomez (Caron), Kristin Der (Foot), Holly Tarantino (Foot).

100 breast: Stephanie Iannaccone (Caron), Kayla Gregory (SRV), Hayley Gregory (SRV), Pooja Hemige (MV), Breuklynn Harris (Foot).

400 free relay: Carondelet, Monte Vista, San Ramon Valley, Amador Valley.


Diving: Tyler Galloway (DLS).

200 medley relay: De La Salle, San Ramon Valley, Granada, California.

200 free: Owen Berry (Cal), Hayden Tuper (AV), Jack Hendrick (Gra), Jed Johnson (DLS), Tyler Ortiz (Gra).

200IM: Songrui Wu (DV), Sammy Kan (MV), Scott Iannaccone (DLS).

50 free: Zach Elian (DLS), Riley Coleman (SRV), Donovan Swabb (DLS), Nick VonderAhe (MV), Brady Lind (MV), Austi, Abrojena (DLS), Conor Halley-McCarty (DLS), Drew Arney (SRV), Swayer Jones (SRV).

100 fly: Songrui Wu (DV), Blake Hill (DLS), Conor Halley-McCarty (DLS).

100 free: Zach Elian (DLS), Brady Lind (MV), Hayden Tuper (AV), Drew Arney (SRV), Jed Johnson (DLS).

500 free: Jack Hendrick (Gra), Owen Berry (Cal), Blake Hill (DLS), Andrew Chen (MV).

200 free relay: San Ramon Valley, Monte Vista, De La Salle.

100 back: Scott Iannaccone (DLS), Sam Seybold (SRV), Riley Coleman (SRV), Nick VonderAhe (MV).

100 breast: Alex DeWeese (Cal), Sammy Kan (MV), Jax Milasicnic (Cal)

400 free relay: De La Salle, San Ramon Valley, Granada, Dougherty Valley, Amador Valley.

EBAL Track and Field

Here are the winners in the EBAL Track and Field Championships that were held last weekend at San Ramon Valley. The winners and other qualifiers move on to the NCS Tri-Valley meet, Saturday at Foothill High.

Qualifiers from the Tri-Valley meet will move on to the NCS Meet of Champions, one step from the CIF State Track and Field Championships.


100-Leilla Champion (Dub) 12.25; 200-Chapman (Dub) 25.30; 400-Cate Peters (MV) 58.42; 800-Peters (MV) 2:20.96; 1,600-Peyton Dolan (MV) 5:04.90; 3,200-Abby Stein (Gra) 11:13.67; 4x100-Dublin 48.83; 4x400-Monte Vista 4:03.41.

HJ-Rachael Osicki (Cal) 5-0; PV-Victoria Bradley (Dub) 12-0; LJ-Kiana Kenion (Caron) 17-1.75; TJ-Brianna Meredith (Caron) 39-5; SP-Erin Brown (AV) 37-5; Dis-Brown (AV) 122-02.


100-Jaden Jefferson (DLS) 10.92; 200-Jefferson (DLS) 22.25; 400-Alexander Franco (Dub) 48.60; 800-Shane Badcock (DV) 1:59.93; 1,600-Ethan Miller (MV) 4:18.42; 3,200-Miller (MV) 9:12.27; 110HH-Chukwunonso Udeh (DLS) 15.02; 300IH-Daniel Tochilnik (MV) 46.0; 4x100-De La Salle 42.27; 4x400-Dublin 3:24.33.

HJ-Udeh (DLS) 6-6; PV-Derek Lo (SRV) 13-6; LJ-Udeh (DLS) 23-1.25; TJ-Anthony Dean (DLS) 43-7; SP-Stefano Matteucci (Gra) 43-6.5; Dis-Matteucci (Gra) 140-04.


At Corica Park, Alameda

Team scores: De La Salle 368, Amador Valley 380, Dougherty Valley 393, Foothill 394, San Ramon Valley 421, Monte Vista 428, Dublin 432, California 439, Granada 441, Livermore 451.

Individuals (scores in 70s)

70-Kush Arora (AV); 72-Jack Jerge (DLS), Harty Grewal (AV); 73-Jack Hayden (DLS), Benjamen Wang (DV); 74-Jaden Dumdumaya (DLS), James Williams (DLS), Brandon Yeh (Foot); 75-Colin Keith (DLS); 76-Ray Zhang (DV), Josh Kim (DLS); 77- Brandon Knight (Foot), Sean Kwok (Foot), Nathan Lee (DV); 78-Molin Zhao (AV); 79-Jack Heuer (SRV), Royce Oh (AV).

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