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John Marchand wins Livermore mayor election

Mony Nop concedes after latest batch of ballot tallies

After nine days of uncertainty since Election Night, John Marchand has declared victory as Livermore's mayor-elect.

"I am truly humbled and honored to be elected to represent Livermore as Mayor once again," Marchand told Livermore Vine. "Thank you to everyone who participated in this election. Democracy is such an important privilege for all of us. I look forward to continuing to serve this community by listening, collaborating and focusing on our future. I will work to restore our sense of community spirit, bringing everyone together to keep Livermore a remarkable place to live and work."

Marchand will lead the city as mayor for the second time, having served in the position previously from 2011 through 2020. He was eligible to run for the post again after a two-year break in accordance with the city's established Municipal Code.

In a statement Thursday night, Mony Nop conceded to Marchand following another update of ballot tallies from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters' Office which placed Marchand 1,837 votes ahead of Nop.

"Regrettably, based on the most recent results, I am conceding my race for Livermore Mayor. I wish John Marchand good luck serving Livermore," Nop said.

He added, "I love making a difference in the lives of others. I came here as a child from Cambodia with nothing and have been very blessed by this community and all you have given my family. I ran for Mayor to give back to the community that has made such a difference in my life."

The results are still unofficial and the county is set to release another update today (Nov. 18) at 5 p.m. However, the margin between Marchand's and Nop's current totals -- which represent the majority of eligible votes counted -- is too wide for Nop to overcome at this point.

The race started off neck and neck and the lead flipped twice, once from Marchand to Nop on Election Night and then back to Marchand later in the week. With each new batch of results since Monday, Marchand's lead has only widened. 

While Marchand and Nop were opponents in this election, they have a history of working together on the same team as Nop served as Marchand's campaign manager for his successful 2018 run for reelection.  

Although Livermore voters now have a clearer view of the outcomes in the city races, the county plans to certify the election on Dec. 8 at which time the results will be official. 

Nop expressed gratitude in his statement to those who supported his campaign including the voters, his wife and his team. 

"I have been proud to run a strong campaign," Nop said. "It has been a great and humbling honor to meet and speak with so many people in all the Livermore neighborhoods, walking door-to-door. Every conversation was important to me, and I will take everything with me as I continue to find other ways to be of service to my community."

Nop's concession marks the end of his second mayoral run in Livermore. He previously ran in 2020 against current mayor Bob Woerner. 

The race for mayor was wide open this year with Woerner choosing not to seek reelection due to health reasons. 

Following Marchand's win, Woerner expressed enthusiasm for his successor's victory. The two worked together on City Council for several years before Marchand's temporary term limit. 

"Despite massive amounts of money pushing a misinformation campaign, I'm glad that truth and compassion prevailed," Woerner told Livermore Vine. 

Woerner's comment alludes to the hundreds of thousands of dollars that were poured into Nop's campaign both directly by individual donors and through groups who supported his second mayoral run, including Take Back Livermore and Friends Supporting Mony Nop for Mayor. The groups received substantial amounts from Save Livermore Downtown spokesperson Jean King, The Independent newspaper publisher Joan Seppala and her husband Lynn Seppala as well as San Francisco-based nonprofit leader Lyna Lam. 

Marchand will join current City Councilmembers Brittni Kiick (District 3) and Bob Carling (District 4) on the dais along with two new council members. 

Evan Branning (District 1) and Ben Barrientos (District 2) have each held strong leads over their opponents since Election Night and are on track to claim the two open seats vacated by Trish Munro and Gina Bonanno whose terms are expiring.  


Cierra Bailey

About the Author: Cierra Bailey

Cierra started as an editorial intern with the Pleasanton Weekly in 2014. After pursuing opportunities in digital and broadcast media and attending graduate school at Syracuse University, she’s back as the editor of the Vine.
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