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Editorial: Changes within our department

From left: Gina Channell Wilcox, Jeremy Walsh and Cierra Bailey.

The Livermore Vine editorial board is excited to announce several editorial staffing transitions within Embarcadero Media's East Bay Division.

Cierra Bailey, who has served as editor of the Livermore Vine for the past two years, is being promoted to the role of editor for the entire division, which also includes the Pleasanton Weekly and Editorial director Jeremy Walsh will be taking on increased responsibilities within the division, and Gina Channell Wilcox is expanding her role within the company.

As Embarcadero Media's vice president of sales, Wilcox will be leading the entire sales staff for both the Peninsula and East Bay divisions. 

Embarcadero Media CEO Adam Dawes said, "Over this year, Gina has shown incredible leadership in helping the sales team. She has done an amazing job in building up and rolling out the Spotlight branded content program, remaking our pricing program, creating new sales collateral and supporting sales reps and new hires with great mentorship and training."

Wilcox will continue to be the president and publisher of the East Bay Division, but she will dial back her editorial duties to dedicate more time to sales.

As a result, Walsh will take on a number of Wilcox's managerial duties as his editorial director role expands and Bailey, as division editor, will work more closely on day-to-day newsroom operations across all three of our publications. While she will continue to oversee Livermore Vine, more reporting of that community will be done by other staff journalists.

"I am grateful that Jeremy and Cierra are willing and able to take on these larger roles," Wilcox said in announcing the news. "Nothing makes me happier than being able to reward their hard work and dedication to the company, the communities we cover and our readers."

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