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San Ramon: City Center Bishop Ranch gears up for Diwali celebration

Festival of Lights set for Sunday
San Ramon's annual Diwali celebration is set to return this weekend, aimed at ushering in the fall season.

City Center Bishop Ranch in San Ramon is set to see the return of its annual Diwali celebration this weekend, aimed at ushering in the fall season and providing a platform for Indian culture in the Tri-Valley.

Festivities will take place in the venue's Alexander Square, and include DJ music, dancing and henna tattoos. Rangoli artists, a fixture of Diwali celebrations worldwide, will also demonstrate their skills live.

"Henna Bash has continued to do the Rangoli artist work for City Center every year that the center has celebrated Diwali," City Center officials said. "Henna Bash had 25 years of experience specializing in Rangoli and continues to create beautiful art throughout Alexander Square."

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a Hindu celebration aimed at recognizing the triumph of light over darkness as the days shorten and winter approaches.

This year's event at City Center is scheduled for 2-4 p.m. on Sunday (Oct. 23). More information is available here.